Frequently Asked Questions

Want to discover how to watch Cine Romántico? Or want to learn more about the movies? We've got answers!

What is Cine Romántico?

Cine Romántico is a free ad-supported streaming television channel that offers an expansive movie collection, all in Spanish.

How much does Cine Romántico cost?

Cine Romántico is absolutely free! By including ads we are able to bring you these great movies at no cost to you.

Where can I watch Cine Romántico?

Cine Romántico is free and easy to watch through Roku (channel 993), Xumo (you choose how: smart TVs, website, mobile or streaming device), on your Samsung television through Samsung TV Plus or the Samsung TV Plus mobile app.

How do I watch on Roku?

Roku Channel users can easily access Romantic Cinema through channel 993.

How do I watch on my Samsung TV?

To watch on your Samsung TV, use the launch bar at the bottom of your TV screen, select Samsung TV Plus, then press GUIDE to check out all of the free channels including Cine Romántico.

Are all of your movies in Spanish?

Yes, every movie on Cine Romántico is dubbed in Spanish.

Are the movies subtitled?

Movies are not subtitled, but they are closed captioned in English if that option is selected on your remote.

If I have problems finding Cine Romántico, who should I contact?

Please inquire with their support team. Click below to choose.

Xumo Customer Support

Roku Customer Support

Samsung TV Plus Customer Support Support

Redbox Support