Cine Romantico

Cine Romántico

Cine Romántico warms your heart with stories full of love, joy, emotion and laughter. Escape to romance with the best in Hollywood TV movies selected especially for you, all in Spanish.


Cine Romántico is the only free ad-supported television channel dedicated to romance movies, all in Spanish.


Expansive movie collection EXCLUSIVE to Cine Romántico in the U.S., featuring diverse talent and contemporary storylines.


Cine Romántico is free to watch with no long-term commitments! There are no contract costs or subscriptions fees!


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Cine Romántico has an expansive EXCLUSIVE movie collection. Here are some of the titles you can watch.

The Santa Switch

Un desanimado padre asume la responsabilidad de Santa Claus para salvar la magia de Navidad.

Our First Christmas

Una pareja de recién casados, ambos viudos, reúnen a sus familias y pasan juntos su primera Navidad.

The Christmas Gift

Tres huérfanos pasan las vacaciones de Navidad en el rancho del dueño de una compañía de juguetes.

Farewell Mr. Kringle

Una periodista, quien hace tiempo perdió su espíritu navideño, es designada a escribir en el pueblo Mistletoe.

When Duty Calls

Aspiring cop Ellie and her husband Martin temporarily move in with Ellie's parents while she waits for an opening in the sheriff's department. Their romance is challenged when Ellie works to solve a string of thefts in their new gated community.


Tori has always been one of the guys, but since her recent attempt to become more lady-like, she finds herself torn between a man who’s fallen for her new femininity and a friend who loves her for the tomboy she’s always been.

The Nanny Express

A young woman working her way through school to become a teacher takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy, young widower and his two children only to fall in love with the widower and his family.

Romantically Speaking

When popular relationship expert Ariel finds her own public love life in shambles, her best friend Nathan stands in to help her keep up appearances – but this so-called expert might be the last to recognize what everyone else can already see.